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What is the white stuff under my toenails?


  1. tweenthelines says:

    Some white spots can simply be owing to "blunt trauma" to the nail plate, otherwise known as "Leukonykia". This can be owing to a poor diet, lacking in zinc, causing dry and brittle nails that turn white with any sort of banging around. EX: Slamming your toes into your shoes while playing tennis. The nail can turn white like a credit card does when we bend it in half. This is harmless unless it evolves into a secondary condition which can result in atrophy or wasting away of the nail (Unlikely). If it is this then it will simply grow out with the growth of the nail, however… you say it seems that the white stuff is under the plate and "growing" this leads me to believe that it might be…

    A yeast fungus, but a Dr. will have to test it to know for sure. But because it is not changing color (Green, black, blue…) I am guessing it may be yeast. It also seems systemic since it is coming from your matrix (The base of the nail where it grows out of your toe). This means that while you are treating your toe topically, you will want to try and eliminate all sugar intake that might be feeding the yeast through your blood stream.

    That being said, try an over the counter yeast infection cream and put in on your toes morning and night.

    —Keep your toes as dry and clean as possible.

    —Use a blow dryer on your toes when you get out of the shower.

    —Wearing flip-flops will help because the sun exposure may kill or control the growth.

    —Ummm… See a Dr.

  2. Alex A says:

    the wered stuff under your toenails are your tast buds..

  3. jawja_punkinpie says:

    It is probably a fungus.
    you can try an over-the-counter fungicide sold in most drug stores, they come in the form of ‘nail polish’ usually. You put them on, take them off and reapply them once a week, sometimes more often depending on the kind, but they aren’t well kown for working.
    You may need to see a doctor for a stronger prescrition type fungicide like Lamisil- which is a pill or Penlac which is a nail polish type. I have these due to diabetes and if I fail to take care of them and it spreads I lose the toenail. They don’t usually hurt until the toenail comes off! And it looks gross.
    Good luck!

  4. cArTeR says:

    calcium deficiency. drink more milk.

  5. ocelot42001 says:

    its either fungus or a calcium spot . A calcium spot will grow out on its own, fungus can be treated.

  6. jeannie f says:

    I had both my toenails removed. Its called a fungus infections and you will probably end up getting your toenails removed. You have to see a doctor and he could prescribe something to probably clear it up. Mine became painful so I got it removed. But there is probably an underlying problem causing this. Your body is probably producing to much yeast. I have to go to Novia Scotia in May to get detoxed. I have multiple chemical sensitivities. You should read up on this and see if you have any of the other symtoms.

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