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What is the fastest way to tone my thighs and butt?


  1. Nandana T Pai says:

    How to Tone Your Butt Fast

    Want great glutes? Follow these instructions to get buns of steel.

    1. Try losing a bit of weight with diet changes. Eat healthier, like swapping potato chips for baked chips instead, and instead reaching for the candy jar, dig into the fruit bowl instead. Also be very moderate about fast food. Request a nutrition guide to determine just how much fat and calories are in what you’re eating. Making changes like this makes wonderful differences in your body and overall well-being.
    2. Try varieties. of exercises! Swimming, Dancing; the possibilites are endless! You can find more ideas on the internet or in fitness books. Or you could ask a trainer at your local gym.
    3. One of the best workouts, (J-Lo Proven) for working buttocks is this leg-lifting exercise. Keeping it bent, lift your leg up like a dog cocking its leg. Lift till your thigh is level with your body. Hold this for 5 seconds, and then repeat on the other side. When you first begin the exercises, do this 5 times on each side. As you get better, try 10 on each side for the challange..
    4. Climbing the stairs is a great backside workout. Skip up stairs by twos, then march quickly down without using too much energy. Then repeat the stair-skipping intill you’re too tense to repeat any longer. Remember that the ache means you’ve worked you’re muscles to fatigue, and by night it will have built them stronger.
    5. Walk! Buy a pedometer, put on some music and go for it! It will greatly contribute to toning your butt! Try and do 800 steps every day, and then try and beat yesterday’s amount.
    6. Go cycling! Grab a bike and get pedaling! And don’t forget to try uphill to really tone that behind.
    7. Try squats! Stand straight, don’t arch your back! As you squat down into a kind of sitting position, keep your thighs parallel to the ground. Keep your knees over your toes, and stretch your arms out for balance.
    8. Try Butt Squeezes. You can do them anytime of the day whether in class or sitting at the computer. It’s best to continue a set until your butt gets sore. Simply contract your glute muscles, hold the squeeze for as long as possible (aim for 30 seconds or more), then release and repeat as often as you’d like.
    9. Running is one of the best of all workouts to tone and firm a butt and keep it looking it’s best. And like mentioned before, going uphill works wonders.


    * Sometimes changes take a little time. Don’t give up! Keep yourself inspired by thinking about how great your butt will look once you’ve reached your goal. And it’s very possible!


    * Be Careful not to work too hard and long for your ability. No Pain, No Gain is surely not always true when you’re having a hard time even going through with the workout. Start slow and end if pain gets bad and breathing hardened.


    How to Get Hot Legs Fast

    This is a fun routine that you can quickly do every night, giving you results in about a week.

    1. Play a song that is about 3 minutes long.
    2. Do squats for the ENTIRE song. If you want to challenge yourself, hold a medicine ball or any other slightly heavy object.
    3. Repeat the song, or change it to another 3 minute song.
    4. Do calf raises (raise up on your toes and then come down) for the ENTIRE song. Be prepared to ache a bit–it will be worth it!
    5. Turn on a song that lasts 2-3 minutes and move to a wall. Sit with you back straight, making sure your thighs are parallel to the ground. Hold this position for the entire song.
    6. Relax–massage lotion of your choice on your legs.
    7. Repeat steps 1-6 every night for a week or more, if you wish.


    * If you’re short on time, you can do some of these exercises in the shower!
    * Because you probably won’t be using music in the shower, it may be hard to know how long to go for. It is good to do at least 50 reps.
    * Don’t give up!


    * These exercises are very tiring, but if you stick through until the end you will be rewarded with *censored* legs.

    Things You’ll Need

    * Any type of music player
    * A wall
    * A medicine ball or heavy object (not necessary)
    * Body lotion

  2. pinktwist6913 says:

    1. Lifting: Try working your groin muscles by using a type of Ab/Ad machine, leg press, squats, and leg curl.

    2. Yoga: Yoga will really tone your glutes and inner thighs

    3. Swimming: Very easy way to tone every part of your body, including butt and thighs (probably fastest way)

  3. chrissylm37 says:

    Walking is the best exercise you can do to tone up your lower body.

  4. Aimee B says:

    I have 3 ways for you
    1. Walking lunges, try to do 100 then once easy for you try to do 100 with hand weights. ( butt, quads)
    2. Also stand with your legs far apart squat slowly and repeat slowly. When you are able to do many hold hand weights ( inner thighs)
    3.This last one is a killer, stand facing a wall about arms length lightly touch the wall to keep balance, squat then jump up, high enough for your feet to leave the ground and extend your legs. Do as many as you can, for sure will not be many, once you reach your limit note it then each session try to add 5 or ten until you reach say 50 in one rep or two. ( entire leg and butt)

  5. knowkiddn says:

    Got any hills near ya? How about roads with a slight incline? Walk backwards up an inclined road. Your butt and thighs will hate you at first.
    DON’T walk backwards downhill.

  6. Big sexer says:

    2 points

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