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What can I do to reduce the swollen gum in my mouth?


  1. Rachel Smith says:

    only eat soft foods for a few days and avoid acidic and spicy foods. Gently rinse your mouth out with warm salt water which will help sore gums heal 4 times a day. Avoid hot drinks and alcohol. You could also use a mouth wash which does not have any alcohol in it to help sooth and heal the gum. Yogurt and ice cream are gentle soothing foods or soup( but not hot soup, just warm) Eat on other side of mouth if you can. If you are taking pain meds, anti inflammatory ones are great for dental and mouth pain. I take Nurofen+ (Ibuprofen) with tooth and gum problems as they stop the inflammation and help things start to heal again. But check you can take them ok first as some people cannot who have certain health problems and always take on a full tummy as they are strong and your tummy needs to be lined.

    Hope your gum feels better soon and hope this has helped

    Take care

  2. New England Babe says:

    Take 800 mg of ibuprofen. That and an ice pack is all you can do. Take the ibuprofen every 4-6 hrs for a few days. It is normal for swelling to happen and stick around a while after having a wisdom tooth out.

  3. LovedSins says:

    Put some orajel on it, and just try not to touch it or move it around for a while. So don’t chew gum, etc.

  4. Dennis Pryor says:

    Use warm salt water About 2 tablespoons to a full glass of warm water, stir to dissolve. get a mouth full and swish it around in your mouth and let it soak for less than a minute . spit out water and repeat this 3 times.

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