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What are the physical advantages and disadvantages of having long legs?


  1. Adam says:

    Technically speaking you’ll gain no medical advantage or disadvantage that I know of from having long legs. However there are some advantages/disadvantages that will manifest in your social life from having long legs.
    Advantages include:
    -Some girls like tall guys.
    -You can see over people in crowds.
    - You might be able to rock the basketball court.
    - etc.

    Disadvantages include:
    - Some girls don’t like really tall guys
    - if your really skinny you’ll have a lanky appearance
    - you might have some trouble finding appropriately fitting pants

    - In all honestly 6′ 1" is not that impressive of a height anymore. Many males bank out around 6 feet and live perfectly normal life styles. Many more of those guys have learned to accept their physical appearance (including their long legs) and use it to present them selves in a positive light.
    Self confidence is *censored* – don’t get down on your self for having long legs …

  2. Baller says:

    You can kick longer distances which is good, but you would probably have a harder time doing squats cause I have long legs too.

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